Welcome to Kidspace

We believe that the best learning
environment is one that respects each child as an independent decision-maker with valid feelings and thoughts.

At Kidspace, teachers act as facilitators, supporting each child’s individual
learning processes.

We strive to provide a variety of experiences
for the child and are mindful that young children learn best through their senses.

We encourage independence and self-reliance, knowing that this leads to self-respect,
confidence, and responsibility.

Kidspace is a nonprofit, NAEYC-accredited early childhood program.



Five classroom levels ensure an age-appropriate environment for each child. The rooms are designed to stimulate each group's minds and bodies, with age-appropriate toys, climbers, books, and learning materials.

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Food Program

Kidspace's food program is designed to achieve three goals: proper nutrition, high-quality food, and taste education. We have an on-site cook who provides healthy, balanced hot meals, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

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"I can remember just walking in the door, past the murals painted by children, the family photos, sounds of laughing children, thinking, 'Yes! This is it! This is the place I’m going to bring my child!'